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Over the past 30 years FFT management has been associated with companies such as ASEA (ABB), Cyril Bath and Verson Europa, functioning in sales & marketing management, service and applications engineering for metal forming machinery and related aerospace advanced manufacturing technologies.We would welcome the opportunity to work with you on production equipment requirements. We will e-mail information covering available used equipment or as required, literature on our various new equipment lines.

FFT capabilities include serving the following manufacturers for machine tools specific to aircraft detail part manufacturing:

CMS - 3 and 5 axis CNC machining centers with applications in material routing, light alloy and composites machining. Special purpose machinery.

Seco Warwick - age ovens, vacuum, high temperature and special process furnaces.

Delta H Systems - combination solution heat treating with quench that includes a built in age oven for aluminum heat treatment. Floor standing aerospace qualified oven system is ideal for MRO's, job shops, production and R & D.

Macrodyne Technologies - hydraulic press systems for rubber pad metal forming, superplastic processing and heated platen forming of composites.

Loire Safe - hydraulic presses for metal forming that feature very high pressure "hydroforming" capabilities to draw form aluminum and hard metals alloys. Replaces drophammer forming.

HRC (Hammerle) sheet metal roller levelling machinery for aerospace

PSI Urethanes - high performance urethanes for forming process enhancements and Verson Wheelon fluid cell remolds.

Standard Industrial Corp - 600 ton & 1000 ton, four column, rubber pad forming hydraulic presses and hydraulic brakes & shears.

Stretch Form Press Systems for both sheet & extrusion stretch forming. Press control upgrades & rebuilds by DeMott Technologies.

Service on hydroforms and Verson Wheelon fluid cell press systems.

PSI Urethanes for high performance polyurethane products used in sheet form & fluid cell press (Verson Wheelon) diaphragm remolds and repairs.


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