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Delta H DCAHT Dual Chamber Furnace

A complete package, plug and play, one week of training, and you are certified to heat treat your parts for aircraft.

DCAHT / SCAHT Series - Now Sold to Most Major Aircraft Manufacturers
INCLUDING: Boeing Military Helicopters, Lockheed Martin, Cessna, Magellan Aerospace, US Army, US Marines, Curtiss-Wright, Spar Aerospace (For Royal Canadian Air Force), Aeroman / TACA Airlines El Salvador, PEMCO World Air Services, SA Aerospace San Antonio, AIRTECH SUPPLY, And Many Aircraft Maintenance Repair Overhaul (MRO) Facilities.

General Description:

The DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC Series DCAHT furnace / oven systems features dual chambers and is designed for specifically for aerospace pyrometry - performing a wide variety of aluminum heat treating applications including: solution heat treating, annealing, and aging (precipitation hardening). This system is ideal for aerospace or industrial aluminum heat treating job shops, tool rooms, and research and development applications where extreme flexibility is required - as well as aircraft production and manufacturing. A high temperature chamber is used for solution heat treating and annealing and is designed for efficient operation between the temperatures of 400 degrees F and 1100 degrees F. The low temperature chamber is used for aging and is designed for efficient operation between the temperatures of 200 degrees F and 500 degrees F. A stainless steel, roll away, quench tank is featured under the system and used for quickly manually quenching loads in water.


Loads for solution heat treating are placed into the lower chamber on the elevated hearth - in the certified uniform temperature zone. Upon completion of the required time at temperature an alarm sounds to notify the operator that the heating cycle is complete. The door is manually opened and the basket, or parts, are quickly pulled from the chamber and immediately submerged in the quench tank positioned in front of the oven. Loads for annealing are placed in the lower chamber and the required temperature profile is controlled by a programmable setpoint temperature controller. Loads for aging are placed in the upper chamber at the desired setpoint temperature for the desired length of time.


Compact and simplistic to operate. Requires very little training time for someone to be proficient at heat treating.

Includes features which make periodic Temperature Uniformity Surveys (TUS) and the System Accuracy Test (SAT) easy and simple to perform.

Heating cycles are pre-programmed for exact duplication and feature an "End of Cycle" alarm and guaranteed soak function.

  • Soak time will not begin until the chamber has recovered to near setpoint.
  • A "Deviation Alarm" will sound if the process temperature drifts too far from setpoint.
  • Simple to use Honeywell or Partlow temperature programmers / controllers and recorders
  • Honeywell MiniTrend QX digital paperless recorders now standard.
  • Featuring AMS-2750D software for simplifying compliance to specifications and Nadcap requirements.

Minimize Aircraft On Ground (AOG) situations. Can immediately heat treat time critical parts.

Improved quality control. No need to rely on outside heat treating services with questionable quality or delivery and expediting fees.

Thermally efficient batch oven process design providing fast heat up and precision temperature control - less than one degree F with precision temperature uniformity of less than plus or minus 2 degrees through the uniform work chamber volume.

Unlike other ovens and furnaces that are designed for a wide variety of applications, the DCAHT is designed ONLY for the strict and demanding requirements of aerospace pyrometry. No modifications or reductions in work volume will be necessary to meet specifications.

Takes very little space - small compact footprint achieved by dual chamber design and roll away quench tank.

Manual quenching feature is simple and safe (please view the above linked video). This eliminates the need for large, expensive, and mechanically complicated drop bottom furnaces such as those built by Despatch, CEC, SECO/WARWICK, Wisconsin Oven, Lindberg, Unitherm, and others. Further, solution heat treating by means of a dangerous and toxic salt bath can be eliminated as well.

Extremely reliable and built to last. Exterior walls are built of 1/4 inch thick plate steel. The design is that basically of an electric industrial oven or furnace, however, there are many proprietary trade secret features about the system that make the DCAHT particularly suited for aluminum aerospace pyrometry.

Saves money and pays for itself! With elimination of outside heat treating needs, improved quality, and minimized AOG times, some customers have reported a break even point in as little as 3 months!

Standard Sizes (Both Chambers):

12" High, 18" Wide, 48" to 72" Deep
16" High, 24" Wide, 48 to 72" Deep
Custom Chamber Sizes Available - largest built to date has a uniform chamber volume of 3' wide, 2' high, and 10' deep - capable of 3 second manual quench.

Design and Performance Specifications:

The design standards for the oven system are per National Fire Protection Association publication NFPA-86, Ovens and Furnaces, 2010 Edition. The system is designed to meet the initial and periodic inspection, calibration and certification standards for temperature uniformity, load heating recovery, and temperature control specification requirements as stated per:

  • Boeing Process Specification BAC 5621
  • McDonnell Douglas Corporation - Douglas Process Standard DPS 1.7000
  • SAE - Aerospace Material Specification AMS 2750 Pyrometry - Including AMS-2750D
  • Systems are certifiable to Nadcap standards
  • Military Specification MIL-H-6088

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