400 Ton Verson Hydraulic press

No longer available

400 Ton Verson Hydraulic press

New Fairfield, CT


400 TON VERSON 4-POST DOWN-ACTING HYDRAULIC PRESS Serial No 9273, Model 400-HD1-20-4P, EQUIPPED WITH: 4-Post Design Down-Acting 25 HP Oilgear Heavy Duty Hydraulic System (Type PESB-203) CATALOGUE SPECIFICATIONS: Tonnage Capacity 400 TON Stroke Length 8" Daylight Space Bed to Bolster, Stroke Up28" Shut Height Bed to Bolster, Stroke Down 20" Bolster Area, L-R x F-B 38.75"" x 20.25" Platen Area, L-R x F-B 26" x 20.25" Distance Between Rods, L-R 20.25" Distance Between Rods, F-B 20.25" Main Cylinder And Piston, Diameter Pressing Speed 17 IPM Rapid Return Speed 228 IPM Hydraulic Motor, Horsepower 25 HP Floor Space, L-R x F-B 50" x 58" Overall Height, Approximateley 120" Weight Approximately 29000 LBS NOTE: This Machine Was Taken Directly From Government Standby Storage. It Appears To Be Brand New And Never Used.