Hufford A-12 Stretch forming press

Hufford A-12 Stretch forming press

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Hufford A-12 – Long Arm version Capacity 60 Ton Jaw Axis Rotation + 180 degrees Operating Pressure 2,000 PSI Max. Tension Cylinder Pull 120,000 lbs. Tension Cylinder Pull (Adjustable) 3 Tons to 60 Tons Tension Cylinder Stroke 30” Tension Cylinder Rotation + 25 degrees Arm Swing (Each Arm) 10 degrees forward to 90 degrees back Wrapping Speed Range (Adjustable) ½ degree/sec. to 3 degrees/sec. Return Speed (Non Wrapping Mode) 5 degrees/sec. Die Length At Full Tonnage and for 180 Degree Bend (longer dies can be used at lower tonnage): Maximum 72 Inches Minimum 20 Inches Maximum Distance Between Jaws: 8” Jaws (not included) 338 Inches Note: machine is currently equipped with sheet grippers approx. 18 inches wide Machine Dimensions: Width 389 Inches Depth 252 Inches Height 76 Inches Die table from floor 43 ½ Inches Centerline of Jaw to Top of Table 10 ½ Inches Electrical Requirements 230 volts, 3 phase, 60 Hz