Despatch Drop Bottom Furnace

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One (1) USED Despatch Drop-Bottom Heat Treat Furnace with
Water Quench Tank

Description / Specifications of Equipment:

Model: Quick Quench, Despatch S/N 150205

Manufactured in 1993

Furnace Heat System: Design capacity is 4’ wide x 6’-6” x 12’ long (defined by furnace part basket size - useable area)

Heating: Four (4) Eclipse indirect natural gas burners; 3,000,000 BTU/ hr capacity

Operating Temperature Range: 500º to 1200º F; uniformity +/- 5 degrees

Heat Load: 1,000 lb. aluminum plus 1,000 lb. steel rack; will stabilize in 30 min after loading.

Furnace Lining: Ceramic fiber

Furnace Door: Bi-parting pneumatic horizontal sliding doors

Furnace Controls: Despatch main control and electrical panel, Allen Bradley PLC, Honeywell digital controller, strip chart recorder and other control modules as described in manuals.

Quench Tank: One (1) gas heated tank with independent heating system, motorized track, 3000 gallon capacity, designed for 180º F.