ERCO 300 Ton Sheet Stretch Forming Press

ERCO 300 Ton Sheet Stretch Forming Press

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Used ERCO 300 Ton Sheet Stretch Forming Press


Maximum Capacity :                                                         300 Tons

Die Table Length & Width:                                                98" Length, 17" Width

Die table stroke:                                                                    18”

Length of Hydraulic Gripper Units (Jaws): Each               16"

Total length of Gripper Jaws, per side:                                80" (may be expanded by an additional 16”, to 96” total length)

Crossbeam length:                                                                134"

Distance between Clamps, Set Across Beam Ends:            122"

Traverse Screw Diameter, Each Crossbeam (inches);         4" with 3/4 HP drive motor each

Number of Die Table Cylinders:                                         2

Operating Pressure:                                                              up to 2000 PSI

Overall Length and Width:                                                  180” x 134" (this can be adjusted slightly)

Approximate Weight:                                                          52,000 lbs

Remanufactured Hydraulic jaws and rebuilt Hydraulic Pumping System with 2 - 10 HP Electric Motors

Die Table with Tilting Capability Angularly setting of Jaws (25 degrees) and Crossbeams (15 degrees) for tapered skins.

A quantity of spare parts included.

Presently installed and may be inspected under power.

Subject to prior sale & terms / conditions for the sale of used machinery


ModelHYSP 300